We want a bike lane on North Figueroa!

North Figueroa St is a dangerous place to be even in a car, let alone on a bicycle. The road connects the 110 Freeway to Mount Washington and Highland Park, and is a major commuter thoroughfare. The people that drive it most are frequently in a rush to get to work, or anxious to get home, and as a result, it's packed full of rushed and distracted drivers whose last thought is the safety of the cyclists they share the road with.

The 2010 bike plan 

The 2010 City of Los Angeles Bike Plan, in an effort to make North Figueroa Blvd safer for pedestrians and cyclists, called for the calming of traffic by slimming the street down and adding bikes lanes. The so-called "road diet" went through an EIR process which determined it would have "no significant impact" on travel time, and as of 2013, LADOT was ready to implement the plan. Sadly, Councilmember Gil Cedillo stood in the way.

Cedillo claimed he had concerns that calming traffic on the road would lengthen response time for emergency vehicles. When asked about where his concerns came from, however, he indicated that he got the information from police officers. There was never any information to back up these claims, and LADOT studies indicate, in fact, that this is not true.

Many believe the real reason Cedillo halted the plan was his own fear of backlash from car drivers. Regardless, Cedillo put his own priorities before the safety concerns of the community, and now we're paying the price.

The consequences

On August 20th, just weeks after Cedillo made the decision not to implement the road-diet, an 84 year old man was killed on North Figueroa while crossing the street. If we don't do something about this street, this surely won't be the last time it happens.

We need safer streets, and the only thing standing in the way is Gil Cedillo's recent decision. He believes that bike lanes aren't necessary until cyclists are already on the road. But that's not how it works. The bike lanes come first. Let's tell Cedillo we want our bike lanes!

RIP William Matelyan

 Additional reading: Cedillo's Folly / LA Times

Who's signing

GOAL: 2,000 signatures

Tell Gil Cedillo you want a bike lane on Fig:

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  • I want a bike lane on North Figueroa Street.
  • Councilman

    Thanks for taking away the proposed bike lanes and keeping Figueroa an extension of the freeway system. Your concern for safety is overwhelming.

    Give us back our bike lanes you political hack. Nobody buys your pile of dung on emergency vehicle response times or that fast moving traffic saves lives. Our next campaign will be to drive you out of office like the cockroach that you are. We are tired of being on the broken end of the bottle on the streets of LA on foot, on a bike and even in a car. Yes we own cars, pay taxes and more importantly to you, are registered to vote.
  • Sign the petition: Bike Lane on North Figueroa @bikelanegen #bikelanegenerator #TheNewLA
  • I would def take this to work every day. Please do this!
  • Safety is the real issue. There are too many accidents of every kind on Fig.
  • Please Councilman, do the right thing. Road diets have been a proven safety measure to calm traffic on streets. The project is ready to go! How much longer do we have to wait for you to implement this???