Over the last several years, Los Angeles has been making a commendable effort to become more bikeable. It's obvious there are people out there, Eric Garcetti being a perfect example, that recognize how important bike infrastructure in Los Angeles is not only for transportation, but for the health, wealth, and happiness of Angelenos.

Unfortunately, things get in the way. Many people haven't had the opportunity to become informed on the wonders of cycling, and their image of bicycle practicality in Los Angeles is understandably tainted by the city's historical failure to be conducive to cycling. Whether it's their fault or not, those people can get in the way of progress.

There are very few consequences for injuring or killing a cyclist on the road. The need to stay aware of and share the road with cyclists is not often heard by the community, and until our infrastructure improves, cycling will remain a thrill-seeker's hobby in Los Angeles. We have sunshine and year-round perfect riding conditions in our city, but it's hard to convince anyone to risk their life in the name of cycling. The infrastructure needs to exist before the bikers get out on the road, not after. The only way to convince our politicians that cycling infrastructure is worth the cost is to show them first-hand just how magical the experience can be when it's done right.

Bike Lane Generator gets lanes installed on the streets throughout Los Angeles that desperately need them.

Join us. Sign our petitions. Nominate future target streets. Let's generate some bike lanes together, one lane at a time.

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